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Training - 50-hour Seaplane Professional Course

This course will help you gain the experience needed to become a professional seaplane pilot in Canada or abroad.  It has been designed to meet the requirements of seaplane operators and insurance companies.

The program consists of 50 hours of seaplane training, including:

  • 7-Hour Canadian Seaplane Rating Course
  • 15-Hour Seaplane Proficiency Course
  • 28 Hours of Advanced Seaplane Training, consisting of:
    • Mountain and Bush Pilot Training
    • Cross Country Flight including Low Level Navigation
    • Advanced Seaplane Techniques including busy rivers, mountain lakes and ocean operations
    • Company Operational Training including computerized operational flight plans, weight and balance
    • Chief Pilot, Operations Manager and PRM Duties and Responsibilities
    • Aircraft Care, including Fueling, Loading and Flight Planning, SAR, 406 ELT Operations and Passenger Handling; and
    • Aircraft Maintenance including Scheduling, Logbook Entries, Releases, etc.
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